Match Standings for July's STATE AND TERRITORIAL 
are also  posted on WWW.VIRGINIAFASTDRAW.COM

State Categories

 1.Billy The Kid:
2.Wild Horse
3.The Derringer
4.Boneyard Bandit
5.Iron Sight

Ladies 49’r

1.Lonestar Lil
2.Billie Sioux
3.Calamity Pam
4.Tin Can T

Ladies Senior

1.Miss Shotwell
2.Dead Eye Di
3.Sand Dollar
4.Cherokee Rose

Ladies Traditional

1.Holli Day
2.Punky G.
4.Bushwack Barbie
5.Hot Lead Hooligan
6.Wild Fire
7.Trouble Shootin

Ladies Shootist

1.Punky G
2.Holli Day
3.Slow Poke
4.Miss Shotwell
5.Trouble Shootin
6.Lonestar Lil

Mens 49’r

1.Vic Torious
3.Hafta B Fast
4.Smokin Gun
5.Gray Rider
7.Rebel Bill

Mens Golden Gun


Mens Old Timers

1.Saddle Tramp
2.Yusta B Fast
3.Ol Scudder
4.Fast E Nuff
5.Shenandoah Drifter
7.The Virginian

Mens Senior

1.Cheyenne Shooter
3.The Rossiman
5.Texas Pete
6.German Cowboy
7.Buzzard Bait
8.Silas Leadbetter
10.The Judge and Jury
11.Buffalo Bill
12.Slow Rider
13.Charles City Kid
14.KJ Kwik
15.Outlaw Ike

Mens Super Senior

1.Shiloh Jones
2.Carolina Skeeter
3.Hoot Gibson
4.Bob Ed Pain
6.Lucky 45
7.Silver Bullet
8.Skagway Sam
9.Diego Kidd
10.Shakey Flynch
11.Cherokee Kid
12.Stainless Steel

Mens Traditional

1.Big Ugly
2.Southern Draw
3.The Mortician
4.Pawnee Paul
5.GW Sellinger
6.Green River
7.Blind Billy
8.Jimmy James
9.Kopper Head Kid
11.Rambunctious Red
12.The Plowman
14.Long Ranger

Mens Shootist

1.Lucky 45
2.Skagway Sam
3.Hafta B Fast
4.Green River
5.Pawnee Paul
6.Von Zipper
7.Silas Leadbetter
9.Big Ugly
11.Long Ranger
13.Hoot Gibson
14.Southern Draw
15.Texas Pete
16.Shakey Flynch
17.Saddle Tramp

Virginia State Match

Youth Division:

1.Blind Billy
2.Wild Horse
3.The Derringer
4.Boneyard Bandit
5.Iron Sight

Ladies Division:

1.Slow Poke
2.Miss Shotwell
3.Lonestar Lil
3.Holli Day
4.Billie Sioux
5.Wild Fire
6.Cherokee Rose
7.Dixie Gal
8.Calamity Pam
9.Trouble Shootin
10.Punky G
11.Bushwack Barbie
12.Tin Can T
13.Sand Dollar
15.Hot Lead Hooligan

Mens Division:

1.Bob Ed Pain
2.GW Sellinger
4.Big Ugly
5.Silver Bullet
6.Long Ranger
7.Vic Torious
8.Skagway Sam
9.Von Zipper
10.Sagebrush Coyote
11.Saddle Tramp
12.Fast E Nuff
13.Shenandoah Drifter
16.Cheyenne Shooter
17.Rambunctious Red
18.Yusta B Fast
19.Shiloh Jones
20.German Cowboy
21.KJ Kwik
22.The Plowman
23.Buffalo Joe
24.Pawnee Paul
25.Green River
26.Dusty Trail
27.Gray Ghost
29.Kopper Head Kid
30.Outlaw Ike
31.Texas Pete
34.Stainless Steel
35.Virginia Ranger
37.Buffalo Bill
38.Silas Leadbetter
39.Hafta B Fast
40.Diego Kid
41.Gray Rider
42.Marshall Wyatt Earp
43.Hoot Gibson
44.Rebel Bill
45.Charles City Kid
47.Smokin Gun
48.Stevie Thunder
50.Lucky 45
51.The Mortician
52.Jimmy James
54.Whistle Britches
55.Voo Doo
56.Southern Draw
57.Shakey Flynch
58.The Rossiman
59.Ol Scudder
60.The Judge and Jury
61. The Virginian

Eastern US Territorial
Youth Division:

1.Blind Billy
2.Boneyard Bandit
3.The Derringer
4.Iron Sight
5.Wild Horse

Ladies Division:

1.Lonestar Lil
2.Punky G
3.Holli Day
4.Slow Poke
5.Miss Slotwell
6.Wild Fire
7.Trouble Shootin
8.Tin Can T
9.Calamity Pam
10.Hot Lead Hooligan
11.Dixie Gal
12.Billie Sioux
13.Sand Dollar
14.Bushwack Barbie
15.Cherokee Rose

Mens Division:

1.Big Ugly
2.Bob Ed Pain
3.Vic Torious
5.Gray Ghost
6.GW Sellinger
7.Lucky 45
8.Yusta B Fast
9.Von Zipper
10.Gray Rider
11.Hafta B Fast
12.Shenandoah Drifter
13.Hoot Gibson
14.Jimmy James
17.Skagway Sam
18.Dusty Trail
19.Southern Draw
20.KJ Kiwk
21.Silver Bullet
22.Texas Pete
23.Fast E Nuff
24.Green River
25.Stevie Thunder
26.Long Ranger
28.Smokin Gun
29.Saddle Tramp
30.Kopper Head Kid
31.The Mortician
32.Cheyenne Shooter
34.Buffalo Joe
35.Stainless Steel

38.Sagebrush Coyote
41.Pawnee Paul
42.Rambunctious Red
43.Buzzard Bait
44.Diego Kid
45.The Rossiman
47.Outlaw Ike
48.Shiloh Jones
49.German Cowboy
50.The Plowman
51.Charles City Kid
52.Virginia Ranger
54.The Judge and Jury
55.Rebel Bill
56.Shakey Flynch


1.Green River
4.The Mortician
5.Stainless Steel
6.The Rossiman
7.Hot Lead Hooligan
8.Kopper Head Kid
10.Sagebrush Coyote
11.Buffalo Joe
12.Long Ranger
13.Shiloh Jones
15.Bushwhack Barbie
17.Smokin Gun
18.Southern Draw
19.Outlaw Ike
20.Silver Bullet
23.Rebel Bill
24.Rambunctious Red
25.The Derringer
26.Pawnee Paul
27.Billie Sioux
28.Saddle Tramp
29.Cheyenne Shooter
30.German Cowboy
31.Charles City Kid
32.Stevie Thunder
33.Iron Sight
34.Texas Pete

May Match

Men's Division:                      Fastest Time
1st: Big Ugly                                          .338
2nd: Bob Ed Pain                                 .388
3rd: Shenandoah                                 .381
4th: Silver Bullet                                   .491
5th: Saddle Tramp                               .474
6th: Long Ranger                                  .435
7th: Sagebrush Coyote                        .499
8th: Paladin                                           .467
9th: Jeremiah Johnson                         .491
10th: Blind Billy                                    .592
11th: Whistle Britches                         .806
12th: Ringo                                            .441
13th: Gray Rider                                   .575
14th: Marshall Wyatt Earp                  .613
15th: Loco Lobo                                   .801
16th: Cherokee Kid                              .920
17th: Boneyard Bandit                      1.498
18th: G.W. Sellinger                             .454
19th: Kopper Head Kid                        .531
20th: Cooter                                          .481
21st: Texas Pete                                   .503
22nd: Spanky                                        .525
23rd: Too Slow Joe                               .577
24th: Shiloh Jones                                .666
25th: Charles City Kid                          .939
26th: Melungeon                                  .512
27th: Buzzard Bait                               .784
28th: Italian Stallion                             .807
29th: German Cowboy                        .842
30th: Dirty Joker                                  .917 

Ladies Division:
1st: Lonestar Lil                                    .653
2nd: Billie Sioux                                    .553
3rd: Trouble Shootin                           .772
4th: Miss Shotwell                                .704
5th: Sugar                                              .958
6th: Calamity Pam                                .793
7th: Sand Dollar                                   .859
8th: Tin Can T                                        .895
9th: Pony Tail                                        .972
10th: Scarlett                                      1.288
11th: Shy Anne                                     .983
12th: Sweetheart                               1.055

Youth Division:
1st: Blind Billy                                       .592
2nd: Boneyard Bandit                       1.498

June Match

Ladies Division:                   Fastest Time
1st: Hotlead Hooligan                       .613
2nd: Slowpoke                                   .448
3rd: Lonestar Lil                                .668
4th: Billie Sioux                                  .626
5th: Sand Dollar                                 .858
6th: Tin Can                                        .930
7th: Moonlight Rider                       1.192
8th: Miss Shotwell                              .740
9th: Calamity Pam                              .715
10th: Pony Tail                                    .957 
11th: Shy Anne                                 1.059
12th: Sweetheart                             1.413
13th: Cherokee Rose                        .714
Men's Division:
1st: Long Ranger                                .436
2nd: G.W. Sellinger                            .462
3rd: Blind Billy                                    .572
4th: Jeremiah Johnson                      .497
5th: Gray Rider                                   .596
6th: Shenandoah                               .355
7th: Saddle Tramp                             .476
8th: Paladin                                         .538
9th: Slow Rider                                   .650
10th: Boneyard Bandit                    1.135
11th: Silver Bullet                               .487
12th: Spank                                         .523
13th: Seven                                         .647
14th: Shiloh Jones                              .605
15th: Loco Lobo                                 .504
16th: Italian Stallion                          .717
17th: Buzzard Bait                             .712
18th: Kingsport                                  .896
19th: Texas Pete                                .556
20th: Sagebrush Coyote                   .528
21st: Ringo                                          .409
22nd: Marshall Wyatt Earp              .571
23rd: Usskey                                       .585
24th: Southern Cowboy                    .655
25th: Gumbo                                      .795
26th: Cherokee Kid                            .873
27th: High Country Drifter               .439
28th: To Slow Jo                                 .535
29th: German Cowboy                     .751
30th: Charles City Kid                       .856

Youth Division:                                             1st: Blind Billy                                     .572
2nd: Boneyard Bandit                     1.135
3rd: Moonlight Rider                       1.191​


Youth Division:                                                      Fastest time:
1st: Blind Billy                                                        .575
2nd: Quick Kate                                                     .756
3rd: Moonlight Rider:                                           1.086
4th: Bone Yard Bandit:                                           .941

Ladies Division:
1st: Lonestar Lil:                                                    .616
2nd: Slowpoke:                                                      .532
3rd: Hotlead Hooligan:                                         .538
4th: Calamity Pam:                                                .684
5th: Tin Can T:                                                        .865
6th: Billie Sioux:                                                    
7th: Miss Shotwell:                                                .672
8th: Moonlight Rider:                                            1.086
9th: Quick Kate:                                                       .756
10th: Sand Dollar:                                                   .829
11th: Scarlett:                                                          1.102
12th: Baba Looey:                                                    1.141

Men's Division:
1st: Shenandoah:                                                  
2nd: Big Ugly:                                                         
3rd: G.W. Sellinger:                                                 .456
4th: Kopper Head Kid:                                            .480
5th: B.A.:                                                                   .475
6th: Silver Bullet:                                                     .457
7th: Gray Rider:                                                        .535
8th: Jerimiah Johnson:                                            .494
9th: Spanky:                                                              .486
10th: 2 $ Bill:                                                            .409
11th: Long Ranger:                                                  .399
12th: Texas Pete:                                                     .495
13th: Seven:                                                             .429
14th: Southern Cowboy:                                        .515
15th: To Slow Jo:                                                      .485
16th: Blind Billy:                                                       .575
17th: Cheyenne Shooter:                                        .673
18th: Rebel:                                                               .539
19th: Shiloh Jones:                                                   .571
20th: Buzzard Bait:                                                   .578
21st: Saddle Tramp:                                                  .508
22nd: Paladin:                                                            .472
23rd: Slow Rider:                                                       .590
24th: Gumbo:                                                             .632
25th: Cherokee Kid:                                                   .826
26th: Bone Yard Bandit:                                            .941
27th: Makers Mark:                                                   .702
28th: Whistle Britches:                                             .689

February Match

Ladies Results
1st: Slowpoke                            .564
2nd: Hot Lead Hooligan           .575
​3rd: Billie Sioux                          .577
​4th: Lonestar Lil                         .640
5th: Prairie Blossom                  .762
​6th: Sand Dollar                         .812
7th: Calamity Pam                     .735
8th: Miss Shotwell                     .760

Men's Results
1st: Shenandoah                        .369
2nd: G.W. Sellinger                    .475
3rd: Ringo                                    .432
4th: B.A.                                       .519
5th: Paladin                                 .490
​6th: Lone Ranger                       .418
​7th: Saddle Tramp                     .483
8th: Loco Lobo                            .705
​9th: Texas Pete                           .500
10th: Gray Rider                         .559
11th: Recoil                                  .615
​12th: Jeremiah Johnson             .498
13th: Silver Bullet                        .486
14th: High Country Drifter        .498
15th: Range Rick                         .557
16th: Copenhagen Cowboy      .712
17th: To Slow Jo                          .731
18th: Red Moon                          .821
19th: Cherokee Kid                    .868
20th: Spanky                               .558
21st: Marshall Wyatt Earp        .604
22nd: Big Ugly                            .378

​April Match

Men's Results                      Fastest time
1st: Big Ugly                             .389
2nd: B.A.                                   .488
3rd: Saddle Tramp                   .511
4th: Gray Rider                         .545
5th: Marshall Wyatt Earp       .595
6th: Long Ranger:                    .429
7th: Silver Bullett                     .470
8th: G.W. Sellinger                   .457
9th: Spanky                               .501
10th: Loco Lobo                       .726
11th: Slow Rider                       .575
12th: Shenandoah                   .368
13th: Cooter                             .389
14th: Texas Pete                       .531
15th: Sagebrush Coyote         .489
16th: Southern Cowboy         .612
17th: Kopper Head Kid           .552
18th: Jasper Jack                     .675
19th: Usskey                            .651
20th: Too Slow Jo                    .674
21st: German Cowboy           .709
22nd: Italian Stallion              .962
23rd: Red Moon                      .735
24th: Cherokee Kid                 .835
25th: Charles City                   1.025
26th: Buzzard Bait:                   .744
27th: Horsetheif                       .741

Ladies Results
1st: Slowpoke                           .504    
2nd: Hotlead Hooligan            .542
3rd: Lonestar Lil                        .674
4th: Miss Shotwell                   .690
5th: Pony Tail                            .785
6th: Billie Sioux                        .592
7th: Shyanne                            1.058
8th: Moonlight Rider               1.275

Youth Results
1st: Moonlight Rider               1.275

Virginia Peacemakers

March Match

Ladies Division:
1st: Lonestar Lil               .618
2nd; Hotlead Hooligan   .557
3rd: Billie Sioux                .506
4th: Sand Dollar               .854
5th: Slowpoke                   .502
6th: Pony Tail                   .826
7th: Miss Shotwell          .677
8th: Tin Can T                  1.095
9th: ShyAnne                   .877

Men's Division:              
1st: Shenandoah             .370
2nd: Long Ranger             .395
3rd: G.W. Sellinger           .451
4th: B.A.                            .491
5th: Gray Rider                .572
6th: Saddle Tramp           .495
7th: Texas Pete                 .516
8th: Shiloh Jones              .580
9th: Marshall Wyatt Earp  .602
10th: Jerimiah Johnson   .503
11th: Sagebrush Coyote  .505
12th: Blind Billy                 .596
13th: To Slow Jo                .618
14th: Spanky                      .571
15th: Usskey                     .625
16th: Red Moon               .772
17th: Loco Lobo               .709
18th: Cherokee Kid          .864
19th: Ranger Rick             .520
20th: Paladin                     .482
21st: German Cowboy     .714
22nd: Slow Rider              .658
23rd: Seven                       .642
24th: Outlaw Justice        .626

1st: Blind Billy                 .573

2016 Monthly Match Results

Monthly matches are usually the 1st Sunday of each month.  (To work out schedule issues with other clubs, sometimes this can change.)  All monthly matches are held at Amelia Fairgrounds, Amelia Court House, Virginia. 

Practices are held usually the 2nd and 4th Thursday night at Paladin's Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center in Powhatan.  This schedule can change.

These are the monthly match results, BASED ON YOUR DIVISION, and these ARE your fastest times during the match.

October Match

Men's Division                       Fastest time

1st: BigUgly                                           .343
2nd: B.A.                                                .465
3rd: Shenandoah                                 .336
4th: Long Ranger                                 .467
5th: Texas Pete                                    .498
6th: Seven                                             .509
7th: To Slow Jo                                     .550
8th: Blind Billy                                      .543
9th: Kopper Head Kid                         .382
10th: Shiloh Jones                               .633
11th: G.W. Sellinger                            .433
12th: Gray Rider                                  .556
13th: Spanky                                       .476
14th: Jittery Joe                                    .630
15th: Saddle Tramp                            .522
16th: Usskey                                        .613
17th: German Cowboy                      .646
18th: Outlaw Justice                           .557
19th: Rebel                                          .476
20th: Buzzard Bait                              .633
21st: Horsethief                                  .812
22nd: Boneyard Bandit                     .994
23rd: Charles City Kid                        .663

Ladies Division:
1st: Slowpoke                                      .550
2nd: Miss Shotwell                             .655
3rd: Lonestar Lil                                  .627
4th: Tin Can T                                      .739
5th: Billie Sioux                                   .567
6th: Calamity Pam                              .589
7th: Trouble Shootin'                         .679
8th: Pony Tail                                      .779
9th: Sugar                                            .905

Youth Division:
1st: Blind Billy                                      .543
2nd: Jittery Joe                                     .630
3rd: Boneyard Bandit                        .994

September Match:

Men's                                     Fastest Time
1st: Big Ugly                                         .376
2nd: Shenandoah                               .371
3rd: Silver Bullet                                 .474
4th: Kopperhead Kid                          .472
5th: G.W. Sellinger                              .471
6th: To Slow Joe                                  .540
7th: Spanky                                          .567
8th: Gray Rider                                    .568
9th: Outlaw Justice                             .655
10th: Long Ranger                             .413
11th: Ranger Rick                               .540
12th: Saddle Tramp                           .535
13th: Horsethief                                 .718
14th: Buzzard Bait                             .650
15th: Charles City Kid                        .855
16th: Red Moon                                 .802
17th: Texas Pete                                .544
18th: Seven                                         .560
19th: Gumbo                                      .758
20th: Loco Lobo                                 .752
21st: German Cowboy                      .734
22nd: Voo Doo                                   .609
23rd: Dirty Joker                              1.074
24th: Boneyard Bandit                   1.079

1st: Billie Sioux                                   .564
2nd: Shy Anne                                  1.017
3rd: Lonestar Lil                                 .687
4th: Sand Dollar                                 .875
5th: Calamity Pam                             .660
6th: Miss Shotwell                              .700
7th: Quick Kate                                   .851
8th: Pony Tail                                      .852
9th: Trouble Shootin                         .816 

1st: Boneyard Bandit                       1.079
2nd: Quick Kate                                   .851

November Club Championship

Men's Division:                                                                                                                                                Fastest time:
1st: BigUgly                                                                            .375
2nd: Shenandoah                                                                 .356
3rd: G.W. Sellinger                                                               .461
4th: Long Ranger                                                                  .437
5th: Texas Pete                                                                      .543
6th: Makers Mark                                                                 .765
7th: Kopper Head Kid                                                          .403
8th: Saddle Tramp                                                                .506
9th: Gray Rider                                                                     .542
10th: Blind Billy                                                                    .594
11th: Seven                                                                           .602
12th: Buzzard Bait                                                               .611
13th: German Cowboy                                                       .774
14th: Ringo                                                                           .468
15th: Cooter                                                                         .430
16th: Silver Bullet                                                                .459
17th: Usskey                                                                         .660
18th: To Slow Jo                                                                  .652
19th: B.A.                                                                             .465
20th: Spanky                                                                       .519
21th: Jittery Joe                                                                  .677
22nd: Whistle Britches                                                      .820
23rd: Nine                                                                           .933
24th: Paladin                                                                       .514
25th: Marshall Wyatt Earp                                                .597
26th: Cheyenne Shooter                                                   .621
27th: Shiloh Jones                                                              .716
28th: Loco Lobo                                                                  .769
29th: Charles City Kid                                                        .772
30th: Cherokee Kid                                                            .859
31st: Horsethief                                                                  .784
32nd: Boneyard Bandit                                                     .923

Ladies Division:
1st: Slowpoke                                                                    .543

2nd: Miss Shotwell                                                            .726
3rd: Billie Sioux                                                                  .562
4th: Lonestar Lil                                                                 .650
5th: Tin Can T                                                                     .876
6th: Sugar                                                                           .804
th: Calamity Pam                                                             .668
8th: Sand Dollar                                                                 .873
9th: ShyAnne                                                                      1.031
10th: Trouble Shootin                                                       .648
11th: Pony Tail                                                                   .899
12th: Scarlett                                                                     1.282
13th: Bob A Louie                                                              .872
Youth Division:
1st: Blind Billy                                                                     .594
2nd: Jittery Joe                                                                   .677
3rd: Boneyard Bandit                                                        .923
4th: Nine                                                                             .933

January Match

Ladies Results
1st: Hotlead Hooligan              .565     
2nd: Slowpoke                          .550
3rd: Miss Shotwell                    .743
4th: Lonestar Lil                        .646
5th: Calamity Pam                    .790
6th: Pony Tail                            .872
7th: Sand Dollar                        .824
8th: Sugar                                   .851

Men's Results
1st: G W Sellinger                      .475
2nd: B.A.                                     .492
3rd: Texas Pete                          .506
4th: Marshall Wyatt Earp          .591
5th: Long Ranger                       .408
6th: Houndman                         .872
7th: Saddle Tramp                    .495
8th: Silver Bullet                        .478
9th: Slow Rider                          .583
10th: Paladin                             .474
11th: Recoil                                .544
12th: Usskey                              .629
13th: Loco Lobo                        .688
14th: Red Moon                        .732
15th: Big Ugly                            .370
16th: Gray Rider                       .554
17th: Spanky                             .525
18th: Cherokee Kid                  .808
19th: German Cowboy            .850
20th: Shenandoah                   .385
21st: To Slow Jo                        .625