Howdy Gunfighters!

We had 33 Shooters for our March match, it was a great day with great friends and lots of wax being thrown down range.
Congratulations to our Category winners:
Men's Division: Shenandoah
Ladies Division: Lonestar Lil
Youth Division: Blind Billy
Final Match Standings will be listed below.
We also had about 10 new people drop by to check us out, mostly from the Gun Show, we got 3 of them on the line and let them try it out and they did really great!!
We also had a new Shooter shoot his first match today! Congratulations and "Welcome" Outlaw Justice.
The Food Posse really out did themselves today, thanks you so much from the bottom of my stomach for all the GREAT food!!
Sorry we had to run across the parking lot to get to the bathrooms but that will not be a problem after this coming week, bathrooms will be open again from now on.
Thanks you all so much for making our club the best club in the World!!

Don't forget to head down to Bedford for the Grandview Gunslinger's March shoot this coming Sunday. for more information or directions check out www.grandviewgunslingers.com

See ya soon!!



Howdy Gunfighters

Our 2016 shooting season is over, we have had a very successful year, each one of you should be very proud of our accomplishments, we won the Silver Spike award for the 2nd year in a row for second place in the "World" in recruitment for the CFDA.

       We crowned our first World Champion this side of the Mississippi with Blind Billywinning the Youth World Championship!! We also had our very own Slowpoke win the Ladies Top Gun award for the entire CFDA!!

We had 45 shooters at our Club Championship Sunday!

Congratulations to our 2016 Club Champions:

Men's Division: BigUgly

Ladies Division: Slowpoke

Youth Division: Blind Billy

I would also like to mention they are all 2 time 2 time Club Champions!! All three won our first Club Championship last year and successfully defending those titles and won them again! Amazing shooting!!

Congratulations to our 2016 Virginia Peacemakers Top Guns!

Men's: Shenandoah

Ladies: Lonestar Lil   (3rd year in a row !!)

Congratulations to our 2016 Top Hand Award winners!!
Paladin and Two Slo Jo
This is a very special award and a very elite club to be a member of, the work and dedication both of these gentlemen have shown over the last year is incredible!! Their contribution to Virginia Peacemakers has help make us the great club we are!

I would like to Thank all of you once again for the tremendous "FEAST"we had for our awards dinner!! The amount of food was overwhelming, if you went away hungry it was your fault. Thanks again everybody!!

Everyone come on out to Bedford for the Grandview Gunslingers Buffalo Kid Club Championship this Sunday November 13th!


Happy Halloween Gunfighter's

This Sunday November 6th we will be having our 2016 Club Championship!

Our current and first ever Club Champions Big Ugly, Slowpoke and Blind Billy will be defending their titles and trying to hang on and become two-time two-time Club Champions.

This will be a 6 round match with no one eliminated, we will count up the x's and pick the top 7 Men, top 5 Women and top Youth to compete in Championship format for the Championship! It's gonna be a great day of Shooting!!

Festivities will start at 8:30am for registration, 9:30am for safety meeting and the shootin will start at 10am.

Some of us will be meeting early at 8am for the renewal of our Range Master certification, Ringo will be here and will hold a 1 hour class from 8-9am to re-certify Range Master's. This is for those current Range Master's who's certification expires in the next couple months, this is not a Range Master class for people who are not already a Range Master. You must go on line and print the test, fill it out and bring it to the class, the class will be a review of the test so you must already have it filled out.

We will be setting up this Saturday at noon, we will again need all the help we can get!!! we need to move the wooden ranges into the barn and then set up for the match. If you have a truck or flatbed we can use to move the ranges please bring it so we can get them moved quickly. All help is appreciated!!

After the match on Sunday we will be holding our Banquet and Awards, we will need all the tables and chairs we can muster up, if you have any tables or chairs you can bring please do!! This was such a special time last year and I am really looking forward to it!

Rebel volunteered to manage the Food Posse, we need to get together on the food we need for the Banquet, if you can bring food we really appreciate it, this is our biggest Dinner of the year and we look forward to a big feast!! Everyone will need to bring drinks for sure! Rebel if you will copy and paste the people list from this email and send out something about the dinner and who can bring what that would be great!! give me a call or Billie Sioux if you have any questions.

Yearly member's, we need your Club Membership paid by this Sunday's match, if you have already paid "Thank-you" if not we need it by this Sunday please!!!

Spanky and Billie Sioux have officially moved to Amelia, so the new Virginia Peacemakers address is:

6940 Halls Hill Dr. Amelia, Va. 23002

Club Memberships can also be mailed to this address, just make check payable to Virginia Peacemakers.
It's hard to believe we have finished another year of Competitions but time sure does fly, I look forward to making 2017 our best year ever!!!
See ya Sunday!!


We had 37 shooters compete in the "first Ever" Virginia Peacemakers Club Championship!! Congratulations to our Club Champions
Youth Division: Blind Billy
Ladies Division: Slowpoke
Men's Division: Big Ugly
Full list of Match Standings at the end of this email.
There were some hard fought battles but we crowned our first Club Champs!!
We also had a Bracket match and saw some very close battles to win the brackets, Congrats to German Cowboy, Too Slow Joe and Big Ugly for their hard fought wins.
The day went a little long, I did tell everyone to expect a long day however I did try to pack too much into one day, I will have a better plan for next years Club Championship.
Thank-you so much for everyone who brought all the wonderful food, our "Food Posse" can't be beat!  We had a feast after the Bracket Matches were done, we cleared the range in record time, set up tables and chairs and had a nice dinner with our Fast Draw Family. I would like to say a big "Thank-you" to all who brought tables to help out and especially to Paladin and Sand Dollar for  helping us out with tables and chairs from Lonesome Dove.
After Dinner we gave out our Awards for the Club Championship and our Yearly Awards, first up was our Top Gun Award! This award has special meaning to me since I truly believe it is the mark of a truly dedicated Shooter. Congratulations to our "Top Gun" in the Ladies Division: Lonestar LIL, and in our Men's Division G.W. Sellinger, these shooters get to shoot "Free" for the 2016 shooting season.
 Next up was our "Top Hand Award" this award is nominated by the club and a petition is signed by the club to send to the CFDA to get approved, it is given to those who show "Years of Dedicated Service and Leadership in the sport of Cowboy Fastdraw" Congratulations to our "Top Gun" for 2015: Shenandoah.
Ringo our Eastern U.S. Regulator also presented the "Silver Spike Award" to the Virginia Peacemakers Club for bringing in the second highest NEW Members to the Cowboy Fastdraw Association. This is the second year in a row we have been recognized  by the CFDA for this honor.
 After the awards we did our first Door Prize Lottery!!! I guess that's what you call it, we gave out over 500.00 worth of Door Prizes to some very happy  winners. We also had a Gun Drawing, ODFD fundraiser gun board got filled up and we did the drawing and our own B.A. won the gun! He had a "great" day considering his injury, didn't seem to slow him down a bit!
I truly want to express my Thanks to everyone who makes up the Virginia Peacemakers Club, we have the best group of people anywhere!!! From the folks who help set-up and tear down to our dedicated staff of Score-keepers, Tish Snider (Cactus Rose) and Tammy Oakes (Gray Lady) we would be "lost" without you! I am so Lucky to have such a hard working crew, thanks to Miss Shotwell and Calamity Pam for helping out at the table as well! Thanks to everyone who steps up and helps out in announcing, it can be a challenging thing to do.
2016 is going to be a great year for VPFD we are going to concentrate on growth in our club and hosting the Va. State and Eastern U.S. Territorial in July.
I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving season, Christmas and New Years celebration and we will see you "On The Line" on January 3rd.


Club Championship Final Match Standings

Youth Division:
1st: Blind Billy - Club Champion
2nd: Big Buck
3rd: Jittery Joe
4th: Moonlight Rider
5th: Dr. Who Dun It

Ladies Division:
1st: Slowpoke - Club Champion
2nd: Calamity Pam
3rd: Billie Sioux
4th: Lonestar Lil
5th: Sand Dollar
6th: Pony Tail
7th: Hotlead Hooligan
8th: Miss Shotwell
9th: Prairie Blossom
10th: Shotglass Shari

Men's Division:
1st: Big Ugly - Club Champion
2nd: Silver Bullett
3rd: B. A.
4th: Texas Pete
5th: Loco Lobo
6th: Seven
7th: Long Ranger
8th: German Cowboy
9th: Cherokee Kid
10th: Houndman
11th: Ringo
12th: Paladin
13th: Spanky
14th: Slim Pickens
15th: To Slow Joe
16th: Saddle Tramp
17th: Cheyenne Shooter
18th: Slow Rider
19th: Copenhagen Cowboy
20th: Shenandoah
21st: Shiloh Jones
22nd: Cattledog

Fastest Time:
Youth: Big Buck  .477
Ladies: Billie Sioux  .500
Men's:  Shenandoah  .363

Howdy Gunfighter's!!

Remember what I said about my brain?  Our September Men's winner was Big Ugly not Shenandoah...... I'm very sorry Big Ugly for not getting it right... please forgive me Champ!

Our October match will be on the second Sunday instead of the first, we will be shooting on October 9th. I will send out another email reminder before the match but wanted to give everybody a heads up. We are moving it to the 9th because several of our Virginia shooters including me and Billie Sioux will be in Fallon, Nevada for the World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw!! Wish us all luck!! We have a large Posse from Va. going and I hope we come back with some World Championships.

Congratulations to Slowpoke for continuing her world domination tour and winning the Great Plains Ladies Territorial Championship!! out in Nebraska.

As a reminder we will be having our Club Championship and celebration dinner on November 6th in Amelia, most likely inside, this is also our last match of the year. We will also crown our Top Gun in the Men's, Ladies and Youth Categories. Start planning for it now, it's gonna be a great day of shooting and a great celebration of another year of Fast Draw competition. I"m sure the Food Posse will outdo themselves once again this year and we will have a wonderful feast.

Yearly Members will need to renew your membership for 2017 in November (30.00) please don't forget!! I need to send in Insurance and sanctioning fees to the CFDA by January 1st.

This Sunday the 25th be sure to head out to Dublin, Va. to shoot and support New river Fast Draw!

Congratulations to our newest CFDA Fast Draw Club in Va.!!!! Welcome the Virginia Wild Bunch Fast Draw Club in Northern Va. More info on that and when the shooting begins coming soon!!

Lots of stuff happening!!
It's great to be involved with such a great organization as the CFDA and to be part of the Fast Draw Family!!
See ya soon!


Howdy Gunfighters!!

Showdown in Dixie the 2016 CFDA Va. State and Eastern U.S. Territorial Championship is in the history books!
What a great time we all had! The weather was "HOT" but the competition was "HOTTER"
Congratulations to our New Va. State Champions and Eastern U.S. Champions!!!
Va. State Youth Champion: Blind Billy
Va. State Ladies Champion: Slowpoke
Va. State Men's Champion: Bob Ed Pain

Eastern U.S. Territorial Champion Youth Division: Blind Billy
Eastern U.S. Territorial Champion Ladies Division: Lonestar Lil
Eastern U.S. Territorial Champion Men's Division: Big Ugly

As you can see Virginia did "very well" We kept our titles here in good old Virginia!!

Congratulations as well to our Va. State Divisional winners!!
State Champion Ladies Shootist: Punky G - Va.
State Champion Men's Shootist: Lucky 45 - Texas
State Champion Men's Traditional: Big Ugly - Va.
State Champion Men's Super Senior: Shiloh Jones - Va.
State Champion Men's Senior: Cheyenne Shooter - Va.
State Champion Men's Old Timers: Saddle Tramp - Va.
State Champion Men's Golden Gun: Sundance - IL.
State Champion Men's 49'r: Vic Torious - AR.
State Champion Ladies Traditional: Holli Day - AZ.
State Champion Ladies Senior: Miss Shotwell - Va.
State Championship Ladies 49'r: Lonestar LiL - Va.
State Champion Billy The Kid: Wild Horse - KY.

As you can see Va. did very well again!!!

The Top Award of the entire shoot is the "Spirit of the Game Award"
This year it became the "Buffalo Kid" Spirit of the Game Award in honor of the late Buffalo Kid, the hardest working man in Fast Draw. Buffalo Kids wife Della was there to award the top honor and the first in Buffalo Kids name. The award goes to the person who tirelessly worked to make this event happen, who was a driving force in all facets of the shoot and the person who best represents the "Cowboy Way"
We were so honored to award this to Gray Rider (Steve Oakes)
It could not have been more deserved!!!! Thank-you so much Gray Rider for everything you do and Congratulations!!

I want to express my sincere thanks to all who worked so hard to make this shoot such a success!! The setup of the ranges and the tear-down was Brutal.. to say the least....
The Virginia Peacemakers were the "Host" club for this event and we SHOWED UP!!!
We simply could not have done this shoot without all of your help!! I am simply without the words to express my gratitude.
Special "Thanks" to Tin Can T and Shiloh Jones for supplying the AC units that no doubt saved some lives!
Special thanks to Paladin, Sand Dollar and Lonesome Dove for supplying the tables and chairs for the Pavilion.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring in sponsors of money and prizes!

Saturday Night at the "Social" was a great success! We had 123 plus in attendance and the place was decked out with Cowboys and Cowgirls in their finest duds.
I want to say thank-you once again to Bill White with the Easy Does It Ranch for such a tremendous job catering our event. Thank-you to everyone who was so generous to donate to this wonderful cause. Bill seemed very pleased with  amount of money he raised and has already said he is available for the next event.

Be sure to look for a special article and pictures in this week's Amelia Monitor.

Can't wait to see everyone at our Monthly match August the 7th in Amelia, more on that soon!



Howdy Gunfighter's!

This Sunday April the 3rd we will holding our April match at our home range in Amelia.
Registrations starts at 8:30am safety meeting at 9:30am and match begins at 10am. Originally thought we could shoot outside this month but the weather looks pretty chilly Sunday morning so we will shoot inside.
Set-up for the shoot will be at 1pm on Saturday, all help is appreciated!
We will shoot 6 rounds 3 outa 5 shots, 2 rounds at 15' 2 rounds at 18' and the remainder at 21'
We will count up the X's and have our Magnificent 7 Men shoot it out and our Fabulous 5 Ladies for the overall placement.
We may have some more new people show up so please be patient with us in between rounds as we let them try it out.
The Food Posse really out did themselves last month, thank-you so much to everyone who helps out , I know it is not easy to bring food but I want you know it is greatly appreciated. I cant wait to see what shows up this Sunday.
If you haven't signed up for State and Territorial I will have registration forms at the shoot so sign up and get yourself in the running for one of those Gun giveaways.

Cant wait to see all my friends and have some fun throwing wax down range!!

See ya there!

​Howdy Gunfighters!

Sunday March the 6th we will have our Monthly match back at our home range in Amelia. 
I can't thank Paladin and Sand Dollar enough for allowing us to use Lonesome Dove during our cold winter months. Their support of our club is a very special thing. I would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped out with the Gun Show this last week-end in Doswell. G.W. Sellinger, Sagebrush Coyote, B.A., Slowpoke, Hot Lead Hooligan, Paladin, Calamity Pam and Billie Sioux your help was greatly appreciated!! We had a lot of interested people and I expect to see some new faces in Amelia this Sunday. Several said they would come and watch and check it out, during the match between rounds we will get them on the line to try it out so please be patient with us during the match. I will be doing the Richmond Gun Show on March 19th as well, more info on that later. 
This Sunday we will shoot 6 rounds with no one X'd out. We will count up the X's and do top 7 Men and a top 5 Ladies shootout. 
Registration starts at 8:30am, Safety Meeting at 9:30 and match starts at 10am. 
This Friday the 4th we will be setting up for the match, we will meet at the club at 1pm. We usually set up on Saturday but due to my work schedule I can't get Saturday off, so I must set up on Friday. I know this will limit the people who can come out and help but I will appreciate anyone who can come. We will setting up with the new CFDA timers and sensors, so there will be some extra time involved in set-up. Please let me know if you can come and help. 
I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday and can't wait to fire some wax down range at our home in Amelia. 

See ya there!!! 


Howdy Gunfighter's

First and foremost Congratulations to our very own Slowpoke, B.A. and Hot Lead Hooligan for representing Virginia at the U.S. National Championship in Pagosa Springs Colorado.
Congratulations B.A. for his 3rd place finish in the Men's Division. And Best Dressed Cowboy!
Slowpoke for her 6th place finish in the Ladies Division.
Hot Lead Hooligan for her 27th place in the Ladies Division and tied for Best Dressed Cowgirl!

You guys make us all proud!!

We will have our August shoot this Sunday 8/7 in Amelia under the Pavilion. Registration starts at 8:30am, Safety Meeting at 9:30am and Match starts at 10am. The weather looks "Great" for our shoot and I don't know about you but I'm about ready to shoot something....
We will shoot 6 rounds with no one x'd out, count up the x's and do a top 7 men and top 5 Ladies.
I'm sure the Food Posse will bring some good eating so whatever your specialty is bring it!!
The club will supply water so everyone will be well hydrated.
Bring your Popup tents and chairs and have a good ole time.
We will set-up the range this Saturday at Noon, we need all the help we can get so please come on out and help us out. We will set up the targets as well so if anyone wants to sneak in a little practice that will be fine.

I can't wait to throw some wax so I will see you there this Sunday!!!



Howdy Gunfighters 
Wow! Have we got a lot going on in the Fast Draw world this weekend.   
New River Fast Draw in Dublin is having their March match this Sunday, for more info go to www.newriverfastdraw.Com for more info.

Shenandoah needs help Saturday at Grandview Trailer Sales to take down the carport cover he will be installing for GRANDVIEW GUNSLINGERS on his home range and I will be at the Richmond Raceway for the Gun Show this Saturday and Sunday. You can't get bored around here.....

Any one who wants to help me out at the Gun Show (3/19 and 3/20) just let me know what day and time you can make it. Hours are 9-5 Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. We will be recruiting for new members. Wear your Cowboy duds and holster and gun. 
Too much to do and too little time.....
See ya soon! 

Howdy Gunfighters!!

We had 42 Shooters come out "Pistols blazing" at Lonesome Dove for our May match, we shot inside while the rain beat a soothing beat on the metal roof, I may have caught a Gunfighter or two dozing with the sound, but guns were a firing and the competition was hot and heavy!
Congratulations to our Category Winners:
Men's Division: Big Ugly 
Ladies Division: Lonestar Lil
Youth Division: Blind Billy

We had several shooters shooting there first match and they did really well!!! and we even had a new "Pistol Packing Pard" named Boneyard Bandit make his debut in the Youth division and came in second, but finished 17th overall in the Men's Division out of 30 men. We hope to see this gunfighter as well as Scarlett, Sweetheart, Whistle Britches and Dirty Joker back on the line next month.
We also had the Fastest time ever shot in one of our matches shot by Big Ugly with a .338 and at 21'
I want to express my gratitude once again to Paladin and Sand Dollar for allowing us to use Lonesome Dove for our shoot, they really do represent the "Cowboy way" also would like to thank everyone who showed up Saturday to help us set-up the outdoor range inside so we could "paint it"..... Well, paint ain't exactly what we did, we thought we were painting it but it turns out we were just sealing it, however everyone seemed to like it the way it looks now so we are going to keep it that way. I have the hardest working members in this club who are so faithful to help out, we are all very lucky to be so blessed.
Our next shoot will be June 4th, we will be outside under the Pavilion in Amelia, so make plans to be there!
Sunday the 15th will be Grandview Gunslingers shoot in Bedford, everyone make plans to be there!
Saturday the 21st the Strawberry Festival in Bedford, Old Dominion Fast Draw will hold a match there so plan on it as well, this will also count as New River Fast Draws May match.
Don't forget to get those registrations in the mail for the "Showdown In Dixie" in July.

Cant wait to see everybody "on the line"


Howdy Gunfighters!!

Virginia Peacemakers will hold our May match on May 1st, this Sunday!!
The match will be at Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center in Powhatan, the Amelia fairgrounds will be having a Cancer relay for life there from 2-9pm on Saturday so we will have no chance to set up, so we moved it. We will set up our outdoor range in the Riding Ring at Lonesome Dove and we will be shooting outside!!!
Paladin and Sand Dollar have offered their facility once again to bail us out in time of need..... I can't "thank" them enough!!
We really owe these guy's.
We will be setting up this Saturday at Lonesome Dove at 11am. I will need all the help I can get!!!!!! We are setting up the outdoor range and after set up we are going to paint it. That's right we are going to be some painting Cowboys and Cowgirls!!
We will also have a Range Master Class at 5pm inside in the Kitchen area in Lonesome Dove. Ringo will be traveling up to teach this class and we need everybody that is not a Range Master that wants to become one and help us out to be there. There is no charge for the class. You will need to go to [www.cowboyfastdraw.com]www.cowboyfastdraw.com and print the Range Master Test to bring with you, you will need to study your rule book so you will be prepared, and bring your rule book with you, you will answer the questions in a group forum. You must have been a CFDA member for at least 6 months to become a Range Master, however if you still want to take the class you can, and you will be better informed and understand why we do things the way we do and when you reach your 6 month time you will be prepared to to be a Range Master. Remember you have to be a Certified Range Master to run a range in the upcoming State and Territorial in July. Just a reminder you have to be a current CFDA member to shoot the State and Territorial, so check those expiration dates and make sure you are current.
 Saturday will be a busy day!! prepare to come out and help us set-up and get your Range Master class done. Sunday the Competition begins, we will be shooting all six rounds at 21' so we can get ready for State, no one will be x'd out but we will count the x's to determine our top 7 men and top 5 women who will shoot it out in Championship format. Registration begins at 8:30am, safety meeting at 9:30 and we start "Throwing Wax" at 10am. Bring your tents and chairs, the weather looks great!
We have plenty of space under the Pavilion at Lonesome Dove for the "Food Posse" to set up, so bring them fine "fixins" and let's have a "Great" time. 

Feel free to call or email me any questions you may have. Can't wait to see everybody this weekend!!!




Howdy Folks!!!

We had 40 shooters in Amelia Sunday for the August shoot for the Virginia Peacemakers. It was a great day with beautiful weather and lots of good friendly competition between some of the best Gunfighters in the World!!!
Congratulations to our division winners!
Youth- Blind Billy
Ladies - Lonestar Lil
Men: Shenandoah

Full match standings listed below.
Congratulations to Quick Kate in our Youth Division who finished second in her first shoot!!
We also had 3 new Members to join Cowboy Fast Draw and 4 new members to Virginia Peacemakers!!
Congratulations Rebel, Makers Mark, Baba Looey and Quick Kate for shooting their first match!
We had 2 new adult shooters and 3 new youth shooters try Fast Draw in between rounds and they looked HOOKED!!

I want to express my gratitude to all those that helped set-up for the shoot on Saturday and everyone who stayed and helped tear down on Sunday, your dedication to Fast Draw and our local club is greatly appreciated.

Update on the Golden Spike Award standings, we are currently in second place.... as of now we would win the Silver Award for the second year in a row, that would be great but GOLD would be better!! We need about 6-7 new members to take the lead, if you know of any new shooters who have not joined CFDA yet then please urge them to do so. I would love to see our club get recognized once again for being the top recruiter for the CFDA in the world!!

I will post an update this month once it is settled where we will be holding our September Match, it looks like we will probably be at the Fairgrounds but maybe in a different location.

This Sunday August 14th Grandview Gunslingers will have their August match in Bedford. Registration starts at 8:30 am. Come on down and support Shenandoah and Miss Shotwell.  Go to:  www.grandviewgunslingers.com for more info.
Sunday August 28th New River Fast Draw will have their Monthly match at their home range as well, let's go out and support all our Va. Fast Draw clubs. Go to: [www.newriverfastdraw.com]www.newriverfastdraw.com for more info.

See you soon on the line....



Howdy Gunfighters!

This Sunday 10/9 we will have our October match in Amelia, we will be shooting inside due to the weather forecast. Registration starts at 8:30am, Safety meeting at 9:30am and match starts at 10am. We will shoot as many rounds as we can till 2pm and then do the Magnificent 7 Men and the Fabulous 5 Ladies, we will then do a Bracket match, 10.00 entry fee and winners win half the pot!

We will be setting up this Saturday at 1pm, rain or shine!! we will be inside anyway. We need to move the wooden ranges into the barn, I will need all the help I can get!! We will not be using them anymore this year and not at all until next year in the spring, I am working on an alternative for our outdoor shoots to not have to use them at all, more on that later. I know the weather may not be perfect for moving the ranges into the barn on Saturday but we have to get this done to get them out of the weather. We will do some practice Saturday after we set up as well.

Food Posse, I know how much everyone enjoys the food that our members so gracefully supply at our matches but it has come to my attention that the same few people are the one's bringing the food, we need help here, everyone enjoys the treats but we need more people to get involved. I will be looking for someone to take charge of this for our matches and kinda manage the process, if anyone would like to volunteer for that position just let me know. I will talk more about it during announcements this Sunday.

Reminder yearly members 2017 membership is due $30.00 per year for first family member and $15.00 for each additional family member. Founding and Life members are exempt from this fee.

November 6th will be Club Championship
! So get ready! I will talk more about it at this Sunday's match.

The Virginia Posse that went to the FGA The World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw did really well, there were 15 Gunfighter's from Va. and of course our protector and caregiver Silver Slipper (Joyce Thompson).

I will try to have a complete list of all the accomplishments this Sunday at our match and we will recognize their accomplishments but I have to mention a couple here: We have the very first Overall World Champion in Va. that's right Blind Billy our Eastern U.S. Territorial Champion won the Youth Division World Championship!!!! Holy Smokes....... We have a World Champion in the Va. Peacemakers!!

Slowpoke our Va State Ladies Champion also won the Top Gun Award for the ladies division for the whole CFDA!!!! Her world domination tour paid off and she is the Top Gun for the whole world!!! She also came in 4th overall in the World!!! 
came in 9th place in the World!!! What an accomplishment!!!
Silver Bullet came in 12th in the World!! Way to go Silver Bullet.
Big Ugly came in 25th in the World!!

I will have a complete listing of all the winners this Sunday and we will recognize them all. We had a great time at FGA and if you have never been you need to make it happen! you will never forget it!
I hope to see you Sunday!!! Saturday if you can help....



Howdy Gunfighter's

We had another "GREAT" shoot yesterday for our April 2016 shoot. We had 35 Shooters battling it out for top awards, Congratulations to our Division Winners!!
Men's Division: Big Ugly
Ladies Division: Slowpoke
Youth Division: Moonlight Rider
Full Match Standings results at the end of this email.
We also had 4 "Brand New" CFDA and Virginia Peacemakers members shoot their very first match!! Welcome to our new members!
Kopper Head Kid, Italian Stallion, Buzzard Bait and Charles City, we are honored you have chosen Cowboy Fast Draw to participate in and we look forward to many years of shooting competition, but most of all welcome you to the best group of friends you will ever have who we prefer to call our "Family"
We also had 4 Spectators try Fast Draw in between rounds and they seem "hooked" we hope to make them CFDA members and Virginia Peacemakers members real soon!!
Our participation in the last 2 Gun Shows in the Richmond area has been VERY SUCCESSFUL!
Thanks so much to our members who gave their time and effort to help out at the Gun shows, I plan to do another one in May, more info on that later.
Thanks again to everyone who brought food for us to enjoy, you efforts are deeply appreciated!! if any shooter wants to bring something feel free to bring your favorite dish or dessert and we will gladly partake.
The plan is to shoot outside for our May match! More details on that soon!
Next Sunday we will heading to Bedford for the Grandview Gunslingers April shoot, be sure to saddle up and make it down to support Shenandoah and Miss. Shotwell with their match. details at www.grandviewgunslingers.com

Cant wait to see everyone real soon!!



We have lost a dear friend and a great competitor. Buffalo Kid (Tony Wright) has passed away. He was one of the most dedicated members of Old Dominion Fast Draw and was always ready to help out at any Fast Draw event. He is a fellow Top Hand Award winner from the CFDA which is the highest award you can receive in Fast Draw. He will be sorely missed!!
Please remember his wife Della and the whole family in your prayers and may God's peace be with them.


Howdy Gunfighter's
We had 43 Gunfighter's show up to shoot it out in Amelia!
Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came on out anyway to enjoy a "great day" of fun and competition!
We prayed for good weather and the good lord blessed us with a beautiful day!
Congratulations to our Division winners!!
Youth Division: Blind Billy
Ladies Division: Hot Lead Hooligan
Men's Division: Long Ranger
Blind Billy who won the Youth Division also was our 1st seed in our Men's Magnificent 7, he finished 3rd overall in the Men's Division, Congratulations Blind Billy on a "GREAT" day of shooting!
Overall Match Standings results at the end of this email.
We had 2 new CFDA members sign up yesterday, Welcome Boneyard Bandit and Kingsport to the CFDA!
Also 1 new Virginia Peacemakers member, Welcome to the club, Cherokee Rose!!
I can't express my gratitude enough to everybody that helps us set-up and tear-down for our shoots, we did a lot of moving stuff around this week-end and I want all of you who jumped in and gave of yourself to know that it very much appreciated! Our out-door range will be stored in Amelia from now on so it will be a bit easier.
There is no Virginia Peacemakers July Match, we will all be involved in the Va. State and Eastern U.S. Territorial Championship July 7,8,9 and 10th. If you haven't signed up yet WHATCHA WAITING FOR? there is no better way to get your feet wet than to jump in the water, so all you new shooter's don't be scared and get those applications in!!
Feel free to call me to ask any questions or to talk about the match, we want you to be involved.
Next Sunday 6/12 Grandview Gunslinger's June match in Bedford Va. Come on out and get some more practice before the State match. I have seen more Virginia Peacemaker's members going to the other shoots in Va. and I am very pleased, we need to support all our Va. clubs. All 4 Va. clubs were represented by their Match Directors at our shoot Sunday, that is the way it should be! www.grandviewgunslingers.com
Friday and Saturday June 17th and 18th Old Dominion Fast Draw will hold a Town Folk Alley on Friday and a match on Saturday at Trader Jerry's Gun Shop in Salem Va
. This is always a very fun event and a good time to get a really good deal on a new gun, so come on out and enjoy the fun! www.virginiafastdraw.com
Sunday June 26th New River Fast Draw in Dublin, Va. will have their June match and it is the last Match before our State Shoot, so go out and support them as well and get in some more practice. www.newriverfastdraw.com

Lots of "fun to be had" so let's all get involved and support all our Va. clubs!!
See ya soon! On the line.....

Howdy Gunfighters!!


This Sunday September the 4th we will have our monthly match in Amelia. We will be set up behind the Horse arena over just to the left of the Animal Control building. It is a great place to set up and should be beautiful weather for the shoot!!

We will set up the range at 1pm on Saturday the 3rd and do some  practice, so all help is needed!! I really appreciate those who are so faithful to help out each and every time we ask you too.

We will be shooting the whole match at 21', some of us are getting ready for the Kentucky State match and the World Championship so we need all the practice we can get. We may shoot a little different kinda match this month with maybe a little twist, so you are gonna have to come out and see..... it's gonna be fun!!

We are still second in the race for the Golden Spike Award, if you know anyone who is interested in joining the CFDA then we need to get them signed up immediately!!! We have about 2 weeks left to recruit! I know we can do this.... let's put our heads together and find 6-7 new members in the next 2 weeks.

We will not have total access to the inside range Sunday, the Fair starts on Monday and there will be fair people everywhere Sunday setting up, fortunately we are out of everybody's way and not a problem. The Food Posse will have to be creative..... things that don't need to be heated will have to be the menu choice this time.

Can't wait to see everybody and slap on some leather and shoot something!!

See ya Sunday!



This Sunday November the 1st starts the beginning of the end of the year shoots in Virginia and the"Very First"VIRGINIA PEACEMAKERS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Who will be the "First" Club Champion in the Men's, Ladies and Youth Division??
We will be shooting in our indoor range due to weather and there will be a Horse Show Saturday and they will be using the Pavilion.  Thank-you Lonestar Lil for the heads up on the Horse show.
The Shoot will be a one day Championship! Standard Match Fees. We will shoot a timed match, 3 outa 5, whatever round we are in at 2pm will be our last round, we will count up the X's and get our Magnificent Seven Men, our Fabulous Five Ladies and our top Youth shooters and shoot it out in Championship format to determine our 2015 CLUB CHAMPIONS!
Registration 8:30-9:30, Safety Meeting 9:30 and Match begins Promptly at 10am!
We will also be shooting a "Bracket Match" directly after the Championship Shoot-out, the cost is $10 and the winner of each bracket get's half the money!!!
Directly after the Bracket Match we will set up for our Dinner and Awards, the list of food that our Food Posse is bringing is getting longer and I can't wait to "FEAST" on the good cooking!! Please bring something to eat for Lunch to tide you over till we serve Dinner.
We will give out our Yearly Awards as well as some special stuff!
We will also have DOOR PRIZES!!!! Lot's of goodies I have been gathering you will want to win, this will be a little different on how we do it but I think you will like it, each Shooter will get 5 tickets and will be able to place those tickets in a cup to win certain prizes, you get to pick what you want to have a chance to win!!
This will be a full day of Shooting and Awards so please plan for a full day, it s the last shoot of the year.... so give it some extra time.
What a "Great Day" this is gonna be, Shooting, good eating, Prizes and you can win MONEY!

You must be a Member of Virginia Peacemakers to win the Club Championship, I don't think this will come up but I need to clarify it, if you are not a Member and win the shoot it would go to the next winning club member.

Also all Yearly Members I need to have the $30.00 Membership fee in by this Shoot for 2016, I have to pay Sanctioning fee's and Insurance before January 1st.
Founding and Life Members are exempt from renewal fee's.

We will be setting up this Saturday at NOON, all my helpers please show up and help us get ready for this big event!! And Thank-you in advance for all you do!!
Everyone please bring any Folding Tables you may have, Chairs as well, we will need all we can gather.

I can't believe this Shooting Year is wrapping up, I want to thank everyone for your support this past year and for all you do to make this Club the "GREAT" club it is. I can't wait to get the 2016 Year started in January!!

Look forward to seeing all my Fast Draw Family this Sunday!!


Howdy Gunfighter's!
It's that time again..... time to get out them 6 shooters and show up in Amelia for a "Shootout".
That's right this Sunday June 5th the Virginia Peacemakers will hold our June shoot at our home range at the Amelia fairgrounds, we will be shooting outside under the pavilion using our outdoor range. Registrations starts at 8:30am and shooting starts at 10Am.  
We will be setting up this Saturday at 1pm and need all the help we can get..... putting up this monster of a range can be a challenge but one we are ready to tackle and have lots of experience doing.
We will be shooting 6 rounds at 21' counting up the x's and doing a top 7 Men and top 5 Ladies. We will be practicing State Match functions, more info Sunday morning.

We will be doing Registration this Sunday as if we are at the State and Territorial, so bring your CFDA membership cards so we can check them. CFDA Life members your badge will do.
New Shooters remember your first shoot is "Free"
Everybody bring Pop-up Tents and chairs since we will be outside.
We will have tables set up inside for the Food Posse, so bring on the good eat's!

Cant wait to see you!!
BE THERE!!!!!!!!
See ya soon!

Howdy Gunfighters!! 

We are having a benefit shoot to support the Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center Therapeutic Riding program for wounded Veterens. Sunday December the 20th at 2pm at Lonesome Dove (Paladins Place) at 6137 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan, Va. 23139 
All money will go to Lonesome Dove, minimum of $20.00 per shooter but feel free to donate as much as you like. No discounts here, this is all to benefit Lonesome Dove. 
No better time than the Christmas season to give to such a worthy cause, if you haven't checked out the program that Paladin and Sand Dollar offer there for our wounded Veterens then you need to... go their website: www.Ldequestrian.com or check them out on Facebook at Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center, you will find it hard to find a more worthy cause. 
Paladin and Sand Dollar have dedicated their life to this mission and deserve all the help we can give them. 
If you haven't seen the inside of the Center in a while then you are in for a surprise, it is now a complete "Cowboy Town"
It is INCREDIBLE!!! Great photo-op opportunities so wear your best Cowboy Dud's and get some pictures. The plan is to hold weddings and such there and raise money for the program. Also have plenty of "Heat" inside.  We are holding the shoot at 2pm to give those who travel a not so early drive and to let people still attend Church and shoot! There is no points for this match, this is a fun shoot to benefit Lonesome Dove. We will give out Paper Awards only. It will be a 6 round, 15', 3 outa 5 match, we will pick the top five in Men's and Ladies to shoot off for placement. 
Registration will start at 12:30, safety meeting at 1:30 and match at 2pm. 
Please come out and support this Benefit Shoot, it is a great opportunity to get some "shootin" done in December and to see all our Fast Draw Family. 

Can't wait to see you there!!! 


Howdy Gunfighters!

Can you believe it?? 2016 Shooting season has arrived!
Virginia Peacemakers will have our first shoot of the year this Sunday January 3rd at Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center in Powhatan. We held a Benefit shoot there 2 weeks ago and it was "GREAT" We are returning for our January shoot and very likely our February shoot. Most of you know that our home range in Amelia shuts off the water to the building during the winter so we don't have any bathrooms, we can run across the field and use the Baseball Bathrooms but that is a hike! especially in the cold. 
Paladin and Sand Dollar have offered to let us use their facility in Powhatan and we are going to do it! Several people at the Benefit shoot asked me about having the Winter shoots there and I agree it is a great idea. If you haven't seen Lonesome Dove since it has been turned into a "Cowboy Town" then you are in for a treat. 
The address is 6137 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan, Va. 23139  You can go to their web-site and get further directions or check out the wonderful work they do for our Veterans.

www.Ldequestrian.com or check out their Facebook site. 

We will shoot a 3 outa 5 shots, 6 rounds, 3 at 18' and the rest at 21' I will have 6 lanes set up and we will have plenty of HEAT!! 
Registration starts at 8:30am, safety meeting at 9:30 and match begins at 10am. We will count up the X's and pick our top 7 Men and top 5 Ladies for the Shootout!
Food Posse feel free to bring what you like, we have a full functioning Kitchen there. 
Regular match fee's apply. 
If you haven't joined Virginia Peacemakers for 2016 and you want your points to count for this shoot then you need to sign up ASAP. Membership will remain $30.00 per year for yearly members. 


We will hold a Range Master Class at Lonesome Dove this Saturday at 1pm, Ringo has agreed to teach the class, it will last 4-5 hrs. You will need to go to the CFDA website and print a copy of the Range Master Test to bring with you to the class, you will also want to bring the latest version of the Gunslingers Guidelines with you for reference, you can take the test before you get there and see how you did or wait till you go over the questions in the class and put your answers down then. There is no charge for this class. We need certified Range Masters to run the range at this year's State and Territorial match which we will be hosting in Amelia in July. Current Range Masters remember you must renew your certification every 2 years, so check your card and see if you need to get in this class. Our Thanks! go out to Ringo for making the trip up and teaching this class.

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas! 
Can't wait to see everyone this Sunday!!! 
Happy New Year!! 

Virginia Peacemakers


Howdy Gunfighters!

Showdown in Dixie is here!!!
Less than one week from now we will be slinging wax and competing for State Category Championships, State Championship and Territorial Championship! It is literally going to be a "Blast"
Reminder, Virginia Peacemakers will not be having a monthly match for July this Sunday, we are going to be plenty busy getting ready for State and Territorial, speaking of which....
We will start building the 3 ranges on Tuesday July the 5th at 12 noon!!!
We need all the help we can get!!! 
Our goal is to have all 3 ranges up and operational on Tuesday!! We will be doing everything else on Wednesday, we will start Wednesday morning at 9am. All help is desperately needed and greatly appreciated!!!
Shooting starts Thursday morning at 9am!!!! Registration starts at 7:30am, Safety meeting at 8:30 and shootin at 9am, everything is just moved up an hour earlier from our regular shoots.
Shooters remember Thursday is a stand alone event, Friday is a stand alone event and Saturday and Sunday are a stand alone event, you can compete in one or all three, it's up to you! We just want you to be there and participate.
Please bring any Pop up tents you may have since we will have limited cover from the Sun and the weather report looks sunny and warm.
Breakfast and Lunch will be offered each day by Bill White with "Easy Does It Ranch" he will be accepting donations as payment, please be generous!!
Several of us will be on Richmond TV CBS 6 "Virginia This Morning" show on Tuesday morning between 9 and 10am promoting Showdown In Dixie, check us out!!!!
We also have an ad and an article in the Amelia Monitor newspaper which was delivered to over 10,000 residents in the Amelia area yesterday 6/20, we are expecting and hoping for a lot of spectators.

Cant wait to see everybody!!!
Have a great and safe July the 4th weekend!
Any questions about the event feel free to email or call me anytime.