Virginia Peacemakers

September 16th , 2018

Howdy Gunfighters  
We had 44 shooters for our September Match! Thank you everyone who came out and enjoyed some friendly competition and some great fellowship with our Fast Draw Family. 
Congratulations to our Category winners: 
Youth: Nine
Ladies: Lonestar Lil
Men: Big Ugly 
Final match standings attached. 
Thanks so much to the Food Posse for a great feast!! As always you people amaze me with your hospitality. 
We had 2 new shooters this month, 
Welcome Night Rider to our Youth Division and Maggie Jo to our Ladies Division. 
Come on out this Sunday to Grandview Gunslingers in Bedford for another great event! 
I will see you there!! 

Howdy Gunfighters 
Showdown in Dixie was a huge success for raising money for Shoot For The Stars. With the Thursday match the 50/50 board, raffle tickets, Holster silent Auction and booth and Candy sales we raised over $2,500.00 for Shoot for the Stars!! 
Thanks so much to Tin CanT and the whole Dobbins gang for such a great effort. Thanks to Hot Lead Hooligan who was part of the Dobbins gang that week for her skill at getting people to give money to such a great cause. 
Thanks to Cherokee Kid for Donating the Holster he won so we could hold the silent auction. 
Thanks to everyone who contributed and made the fundraiser such a success, we blew away our goal and couldn't be happier. I guess we need to set bigger goals now... 

5/ 6/18
Congratulations however to our Division Winners for May!
Youth: Bad to the Bone
Ladies: Hot Lead Hooligan
Men: Big Ugly

May, June and July are really busy Months for Cowboy Fast Draw, we have so much going on and so much to do it's hard to find time for anything else. 
I apologize for the date changes for Matches and so forth but we have to do it to make everything work. Our 2 biggest Sponsors Taylor's and Co. And Trader Jerry's have open house events and we do "Try Cowboy Fast Draw " events at each one, we did Taylor's May 18th and 19th and we have Trader Jerry's coming up this weekend June 1st and 2nd. 
These sponsors are very good to us with Sponsorship of Guns for "Showdown In Dixie"
So this Friday we will be at Trader Jerry's in Salem doing a "Try Cowboy Fast Draw" event, we will be setting up early Friday Morning say 7am, certainly need all the help we can get, I really appreciate anyone who can come out and help with setup, work the event and help with teardown Saturday afternoon. 
We will have our Virginia Peacemakers June Match Sunday June 10th, Grandview Gunslingers will have their match on June 17th. 
"Showdown In Dixie" is coming up July 6th,7th,8th and 9th. If you haven't registered you only have a couple of days left before the price increase takes effect on June 1st. 
T-shirt order goes in Tomorrow! 
Congrats to all of you who pre-ordered your "Showdown in Dixie" t-shirt!  
Its a Great time to be a Gunfighter! 
See ya soon! 

Howdy Gunfighters 
Ringo our CFDA Regulator has agreed to teach a Range Master Class Friday July 6th under the Pavillion at Showdown in Dixie. 
If you are currently a Range Officer and have been a CFDA member for at least six months you are eligible to become a Range Master. Range Master's are certified to run the range during Sanctioned events like our Va. State Match, they are also able to travel to other clubs and run the range at Sanctioned events. 
If you do not want to be called upon to run the range during our State Matches or at other Sanctioned events then there is no reason to become a Range Master. 
The course is "free" and will last about 4 hours, it will start at 6pm. 
You MUST bring the completed Range Master test and the current 9th edition CFDA Rules and Regulations book.
If you plan to attend please let me know so we can plan for a proper head count. 

Howdy Gunfighters ,

We had 42 Gunfighters for our February match last Sunday and the competition was warmed up just like the weather! It was much warmer than January but it sure was putting down some rain. We had 2 new Shooters this Month, help me "Welcome" Gypsy and Tommy Ten Thumbs. Thanks again to everyone who came out to throw some wax and Congratulations to our Division Winners! 

Ladies: Slowpoke
Men: Big Ugly
Youth: Jittery Joe
Final Match Standings below.
Thanks again to the Food Posse who outdid themselves once again, special thanks to Rebel who dropped by and brought us a Microwave for the club to use, it sure came in handy. And as always to the hard working crew who are so faithfull in set up and tear down. 
Just think it will be Spring before we know it! 
Come on out to Bedford this Sunday for the Grandview Gunslingers February Match. 
See ya soon! 


Howdy Gunfighters!
We had 33 Shooters at our March (Hurry up Spring) match. 
Congratulations to our Division Winners! 
Men: Shenandoah 
Ladies: Lonestar Lil 
Youth: Jittery Joe 

Thanks again to everybody who helped with setup and tear down and a special thanks to Sting for the big heater and the plastic sheeting we hung over the door, it was his idea and it worked great! 
Thanks so much to the "Food Posse" for the great food! It was all delicious! 
Hopefully next month the Bathroom situation will be done and we will have full access to the building, but if not we are good at adapting to what we have to do to have our shoot. Hopefully the weather will be better and at least we won't need the heaters. 
"Showdown in Dixie" is gonna be here before you know it, if you haven't got your registration in please do!!! It is so important to get in the funds we need to properly plan for this event, it takes a lot to put this event on and if the registrations come in at the last minute we can't properly prepare to make this the Great event we want it to be, so please as soon as you can get them in. 
This Sunday March 11th come on out to Bedford for the Grandview Gunslingers March Match!  The drawing for the Henry rifle will be this Sunday and I can't wait to win it...... 
See ya there! 
Our next Match will be April 8th the second Sunday of April due to Easter on April 1st. 
See ya soon! 

Howdy Gunfighters! 
We had 38 Gunfighters at our April match this last Sunday and we all had a great time! Congratulations to our Division winners:
Men: Kopperhead Kid
Ladies: Miss Shotwell
Youth: Bad to the Bone 
Final Match Standings below. 
It was a little cool for April but the warm friendly hello's and hugs from our Fast Draw Family warmed it up pretty good! 
We had a Cake and some Lottery tickets for BA and Slowpoke as they shot their last Virginia Peacemakers match as Virginia residents. We wish them the best on their new adventure as they move to Utah, we will surely miss them but I'm sure Fast Draw will bring us back together somewhere. BA and Slowpoke have been a very big influence on Cowboy Fast Draw in Virginia, their contribution to this sport and their support of Fast Draw has been instrumental in the growth of all our Virginia Clubs. They have brought world attention to Virginia with their many Championships and their travels representing Virginia. I believe I speak for all the Virginia Clubs when I say Thank-you!! We will miss you! 
As always the Food Posse did a great job and I really appreciate all the help with set up and tear down. 
We had a new shooter with us Sunday, Big Red, he did a great job, he is a rep for a Camper manufacturer and Shenandoah and Miss Shotwell just brought him with them from their open house to shoot with us. 
There are several of us Virginians heading down to the Swamps of Florida this week to compete in Showdown in the Swamp, the Florida State Championship and the Eastern Territorial Championship! 
Wish us luck!! 
Grandview Gunslingers will hold their April match on 4/22 so I hope to see you all there. 

6/1/18 -6/2/18


We had a great time this last Friday and Saturday at Trader Jerry's in Salem, Va. 
We had lots of people trying out Cowboy Fast Draw and possibly 1 or 2 people that we may have set the hook in. And even Ringo on his Iron Horse came riding in and brought a new shooter with him.
Trader Jerry's has always been a huge supporter of Fast Draw in Virginia, they have sponsored our State Match each year with 2 Guns to give away and will do so again this year. 
We cannot do the things we do without the support of sponsors like this. 
Thanks again to Aaron and the crew at Trader Jerry's. 
I also want to thank the dedicated CFDA members who came out and helped with set up, tear down and helped with showing new shooters how to shoot Fast Draw! 
Your dedication and support make what we do possible, thank you again! 
Billie Sioux 
Miss Shotwell
Silver Bullet 
Silver Slipper 
Charles City Kid 
Cheyenne Shooter 
Long Ranger 
Gun Doc 
Virginia Sidewinder 
We had a great time with our Fast Draw Family and cant wait to see everybody this Sunday at our June Match. 

November 4th, 2018
We had 49 shooters shoot it out for theClub Championship of Virginia Peacemakers! 
What a wonderful day with our Fast Draw family, congratulations to our 2018 Club Champions! 

Youth: Boneyard Bandit 
Ladies: Lonestar Lil
Men: Shenandoah 

The competition was great all day but when it got down to the finals it was truly a nail biter..... the Youth finals was one of the most exciting of all. Ladies and Men's Division did not disappoint either with competitions that could go either way with one shot. 
Thanks so much to everybody who participated in making this a wonderful year ending event. 
After the shooting was done we all transformed our Range to a Dining Hall and sat down to a "Fantastic" meal, the Food Posse really outdid themselves with a literal "feast" of food and desserts. I think I counted over 10 Crock Pots. 
After dinner we had our Awards for the match and for our year ending awards. 

Congratulations to our Club "Top Gun" winners!! These folks will get to shoot FREE in 2019. 
Youth: Nine
Ladies: Lonestar Lil
Men: Big Ugly

Our Top Hand award this year went to Grim, I cant think of someone who deserves it more, he is always there to lend a hand and has never said "no" to any request ever asked of him and usually he does what's needed before any one can ask. Truly deserving of joining this elite group of Top Hand Award Winners. 

Then we came to the most emotional award of the year, the "Spirit of the Game Award" 
Congratulations to Saddle Trampfor winning this year, I said then and I repeat now he is the hardest working man I have ever known. He has been a solid rock in this club, always there to help out in anything we do, usually first to get there, his dedication to Cowboy Fast Draw and to our Club is undeniable. He truly exemplifies the "Cowboy Way" 

I cant believe the year has gone by so fast, but it has been a good one and I look forward to 2019 being even better. Being associated with this group of truly extraordinary people is an honor and makes me confident that next year will be even better. 
Hope to see you at Grandview Gunslingers this Sunday for their year end shoot the Buffalo Kid Memorial Shoot. 
See ya at our next match January 6th. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Howdy Gunfighters 
The 2018 "Showdown in Dixie" CFDA Virginia State Championship is in the history books! 
Congratulations to our "New" Virginia State Champions!!

Men: Green River - KENTUCKY
Ladies: Klementine - VIRGINIA
Youth: Jittery Joe -  VIRGINIA
All three of our Champions are first time Winners of a major Championship! 
Congratulations to our "Category" State Champions! 
Youth:Blind Billy-Va.
Ladies Traditional:Hot Lead Hooligan-Va.
Ladies 49r: Billie Sioux-Va.
Ladies Senior: Miss Shotwell-Va.
Ladies Super Senior: Mighty Munchkin-Ca.
Men's Traditional: Big Ugly-Va.
Men's 49r: Smokin Gun-Fl.
Men's Senior: Shenandoah-Va.
Men's Super Senior: Silver Bullet-Va.
Men's Old Timer:Bob Ed Pain-Va.
Men's Golden Gun:Saddle Tramp-Va.
And our Shootist Category State Champion: Green River -Ky.
Fastest time Award: 
KopperHead Kid  .326 -VA.

Winner of our Resurrection Match: 
Bobtown Red-Ky.
In our Shoot For The Stars Match: 
1st: Green River -Ky.
2nd: Kentucky Drifter - Ky.
3rd: Brothel Bouncer - Va.

The biggest Award of the event is the: 
"Buffalo Kid" Spirit of the Game Award!
This year this award was given to Brothel Bouncer. 

I cant say enough about this young Man, he has become a valuable asset to our club and was there at every turn to help with anything needed and truly exemplifies "The Cowboy Way" 
We had 76 Shooters in our main match, my goal was 80 and since we had 3 registrations have to Cancel due to family issues that would have put us at 79, I feel good about that but we will have to beat 80 next year. 
I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make Showdown in Dixie a great success! 
Everyone who helped out with build up and tear down you are the backbone of making this event happen, without your support I would not even dream of putting on this event. 
Special thanks to Shenandoah the Assistant Match Director, his dedication to making this event run smoothly and assisting me in anything needed was truly a blessing! He was responsible for making all the Ammo and did a great job! 
Scorekeepers Tish Snider and Tammy Oakes, where would I be without you? 
You guys work so hard every year and with all the challenges the Computer gives us remain somewhat sane and steadfast. I simply could not run the match without you! I love you two.
Thanks so much to Lonestar Lil and Texas Pete for the Hot Dog Social on Friday night, I heard it was a great success! 
Thanks so much to Calamity Pam for doing such a good job with the Vendors this year. 
Thanks so much to all our Sponsors! All are listed on our website, we had several personal sponsors from our shooters this year who gave prizes and money to help make it a success, I can't thank you enough!
Special thanks to Billie Sioux, one for putting up with me but most of all the support and work she does behind the scenes is very seldom recognized. 
I hope I haven't left anything out but I'm sure I did somewhere, until next year when we do this again see you on the line. 

Howdy Gunfighters 
We had 34 shooters for our June Match and the weather was beautiful and the competition was fierce! 
Congratulations to our Division Winners! 
Youth: Blind Billy
Ladies: Tin Can T
Men: Saddle Tramp

It was a day of surprises! 
Tin Can T won her first match and Saddle Tramp returned to the winners circle!
It was great to see everybody and spend time with our Fast Draw Family! 
The Food Posse did great with lots of goodies and sweets, thank you again to everyone who so genoursly helps out! 
This was our last monthly match before Showdown in Dixie, of course this Sunday at Grandview Gunslingers we will get another opportunity to throw some wax before State. 
Final preparations are coming together for State so if you haven't registered yet please do. 
Cant wait to see you all again soon! 


Howdy Gunfighters 
We had 34 shooters show up for our "Polar Bear Shoot" Sunday and we all had a blast! It was a cold one!!! Started out at -2° and moved up to about 12° before the day was done. Sometimes we think we are crazy when it comes to Cowboy Fast Draw and then there are days when we are sure of it, like yesterday. 
Thank you so much to everyone who showed up Saturday to help set up and to everyone who stuck around to help us tear down. 
The Food Posse out did themselves! I could not possibly try everything, we truly had Crock Pot Heaven, I believe there were at least 6 Crock Pots full of warm food. Thanks again to everyone who brought food of any kind it was truly wonderful. If you gonna be cold you might as well eat. 
We had 2 new Shooters yesterday and they did very well in their first shoot, placing 9th and 12th in the Men's division! Both of them whooped me.... Welcome Sting and Bad News Kid to the Fast Draw Family! 
Sting also brought a huge Cannon style heater and I honestly don't know what we would have done if he hadn't. Special Thanks to Shenandoah as well for bringing one of his heaters from his shop, we really gave it a workout! 


Congratulations to our Division winners of our first match of the year! 
Youth: Jittery Joe
Ladies: Slowpoke 
Men: Gray Rider 


Howdy Gunfighters 
It's time to shake off the dust on them six guns, try on your holster to see if it still fits, water and feed the Horses and hitch up the Wagon and head to Amelia Fairgrounds for our August Competition. 
This Sunday August the 5th we will be slinging some wax to determine our monthly Champions. We will start registration at 8:30am, safety meeting at 9:30 and start shootin at 10am. 
We will set up for the match this Saturday at 1pm, practice available after set up. 
Look forward to seeing everybody there! 
Food Posse bring some good fixings and let's have a good ol time! 

Howdy Gunfighters 
30 Shooters showed up for a Gunfight in Amelia Sunday and after the dust settled we had 3 Division winners. 
Congratulations to: 
Youth: Bad to the Bone
Ladies: Miss Shotwell
Men: Shenandoah

It was great to see everybody in our "aftermath shoot" , the aftermath of the State match. It was as little warm but our hearts were warmer just getting to spend time with the best people around. 
Thanks to our set up crew for setting up Saturday and figuring out how to use the new Ballistic walls, it sure will be easier set up and tear down from now on. 
Thanks to the Food Posse as well for bringing some fine fixings for us all to enjoy. 
It will seem like forever until our next match since it will be on September 16th, due to the Fair and Kentucky State. 
Come on out this Sunday the 12th to Bedford for the Grandview Gunslingers Match. 
Look forward to seeing you soon! 

October 14th , 2018

Howdy Gunfighters 
Sorry for the delay in getting out this email, things have been real busy in "real" life. 
We had 35 shooters at our October Match, thank you so much to everyone who came out, we really appreciate it. Special thanks to Brothel Bouncer for bringing the Generator and helping us out. 
Congratulations to our Division Winners! 
Youth: Boneyard Bandit 
Ladies: Calamity Pam
Men: Big Ugly
Thanks again to the Food Posse for a great job with the snacks. 
Everything tried to stop us from having this shoot, but nothing can stop determined Gunfighters from having a gunfight! 
Thanks so much to those who paid their Membership fees for 2019, we still have a lot to collect and I hope all of you will be able to pay them at our next shoot which is our Club Championship! 
More info on that coming soon!! 
We had a great time this last Weekend at Grandview Gunslingers with the Spook Shoot and the Monthly match. 
Cant wait to see everyone at our end of year shoot! 



Howdy Gunfighters 
I want to thank everyone who showed up to help build the new ranges, we had quite a crowd! Plenty of help and plenty of fun! I am taken back often by the dedication and support of the Va. Clubs members to show up and work as hard as they do.
The build went well, the Big Ugly design works Great!! The ranges will go up next week much easier and come down much easier and will be easy to store. 
I look forward to next week when everyone gets to see how nice they really are. 
Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped, thanks to those that brought food and fixings as well, those were some tasty burgers. 
More details on Showdown in Dixie later this week, as you can imagine Billie and I are a little crazy right now... 
See ya soon!