‚ÄčVirginia Peacemakers

I have been telling you that some big news was coming soon and it is finally here!
Virginia Peacemakers has been named the CFDA 2019 CLUB OF THE YEAR!!!

Billie Sioux and I was overwhelmed with emotion when we found out our club had won this great honor, we cried, we jumped up and down, fist pumped in the air, it was a full range of emotions. 
This honor is due to each one of you, you are the reason for this award. I can't begin to express my gratitude to every one of you, this is a Club achievement! You have shown that we are the best in the World!! The hard work and dedication of each of you to build this club, to run every single match, tear down and set up, Food Posse and each one who shows up to participate this is your honor! 
I have enclosed the Article in the new Spring Edition of the Gunslinger Gazette! 
We will schedule some sort of celebration, Billie and I have been discussing how we want to do that and will let you know the details soon. 
We are all so lucky to be part of this great Organization, the CFDA. The dedication and hard work of Cal and Dinah Elrich are an inspiration to us all and a great example for us to follow. 
I also want to thank the other clubs in Virginia for their support as well. We share a lot of members with Grandview Gunslingers and most all are Virginia Peacemakers members as well. 
Again, Congratulations Virginia Peacemakers!! You are the best!! 

Howdy Gunfighters 
We had 38 Gunfighters shake off the dust and show up for a Gunfight! 
And it was a good one. Congratulations to our Division winners. 
Youth: Boneyard Bandit 
Ladies: Calamity Pam
Men: Big Ugly

It was great to get the new year started off right with a good Gunfight! 
Thanks so much to everyone who came out and helped with set up and tear down, without your help we simply wouldn't have a match. 
The Food Posse showed up with Crock Pot Row with all kinds of goodies, thank you so much!! 
It was great just to be with our Fast Draw Family once again. 
Everybody hitch up the Wagons and let's head to Bedford this coming Sunday the 12th for Grandview Gunslingers first shoot of the year. 
See ya soon! 


Howdy Gunfighters 
We had 39 shooters this last Sunday for our March match and it was great to see everyone! 
Congratulations to our Division winners:
Men: Big Ugly
Ladies: Tin Can T
Youth: Nine 

Tin Can T made her triumphant return after foot surgery and showed she hadn't lost a step (little foot humor) by winning the Ladies Division! 
Big Ugly figured he better get in gear and get back on top of the points race and pulled out a win. 
Nine was one determined young man and came out the winner of the Youth Division.  
Thanks so much to everyone who helped with set up and tear down, your efforts are so appreciated. 
Thanks to the Food Posse for all the good fixings of food and sweets! 
We filled up our second Gun Board and drew a winner for the Wrangler 22 Pistol donated by Grim for the State and Territorial fund raiser. Congratulations to Rebel for winning the drawing! 
We raised $1,000.00 in 2 months with this fund raiser. 
As always,  Billie and I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming out and supporting your club! 
We missed those that couldn't be there and hope to see them next month. 
Remember.... Big News is coming soon!!!  
Come on out to Grandview Gunslingers this Sunday for some more Fast Draw therapy and good times. 
See ya soon! 

Howdy Gunfighters ,
We had 46 Gunfighters ride into Amelia this last Sunday for Gunfight! And a Great Gunfight it was! 
Congratulations to our Division winners: 
Men: Saddle Tramp
Ladies: Lonestar Lil
Youth: Bad to the Bone 

Special thanks again to our set up and tear down crew, your help is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted. 
Thanks to the Food Posse who did another outstanding job with treats and goodies for us all to munch on. 
Congratulations to new shooter Slick Willie for shooting his first Match, you did Great!!
It was great to see 11 Ladies in our Ladies Division! Girl Power!!! 
We had 3 fine young Men show up to represent the Youth! This was Lead Bandit's first Match at Virginia Peacemakers and it sure was good to see him! 
Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Gun Board fundraiser for State and Territorial, I never thought we could fill up the board in one day and give away that nice Ruger single action 22lr, but we did! You did! The finest group of Gunfighters anywhere in the World! Congratulations to Charles City Kid on winning the drawing. We will have a brand new board at the Grandview Gunslingers match this Sunday, if you didn't win Last Sunday then get ready to get another chance for the 2nd Gun Board Drawing! 
See ya this Sunday at Grandview!!