March 2019
Howdy Gunfighters 
We had 35 Shooters for our March Match and good times were had. 
Congratulations to our Division Winners!
Youth: Boneyard Bandit 
Ladies: Miss Shotwell 
Men: Big Ugly 

We had 3 new Shooters try Cowboy Fast Draw during our break when the Scoring Program wasn't cooperating. They seemed to enjoy it and I hope they will be back and join our Fast Draw Family! 
Thanks again to the Food Posse for some fine fixings and to everybody who helps out with set up and tear down, you folks are the best!!! 
Dont forget to come out to Grandview Gunslingers this Sunday 3/10 for their Monthly Match. There will be some members of the press there to do a story about Fast Draw and the Bedford Club so wear you best duds and come on out an show off a little. 
We will be doing a Gun Show March 30th and 31st, more info on that to come. 
I need Showdown in Dixie registrations!! We are stuck..... please get them in!! 
Cant wait to see ya soon! 


January 6th , 2019


We had 42 Shooters for our first match of 2019. It was great to see Outlaw Justice and Slow Rider back in action! We sure miss our family members when they aren't there. We had several out with sickness and injury this match and we sure did miss them. 

Congratulations to our Division Winners:
Men: Big Ugly
Ladies: Billie Sioux
Youth: Boneyard Bandit 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday to help with set-up and for everybody who helped with tare down, we really appreciate what you do! 
The Food Posse did a great job as well! 
Thanks again for everybody who is so generous to bring all the wonderful food we enjoy each month. 
Special "Thanks" to everyone who participated in the fundraiser for the California CFDA victims of the wild fires, all in all we raised $650.00 for the cause. My goal was to raise 500, it was so good to exceed that! 
This added to what Grandview Gunslingers and New River Fast Draws matches this month can raise I expect we will topple over $1,000.00
I again am amazed at the generosity of the CFDA family here in Virginia, I know the recipients of your generosity will be very grateful. 
It was great to get the new Shooting season started and I'm already looking forward to next months match.

April, 2019

Howdy Gunfighters ,
We had 39 shooters for our April match, Congratulations to our Division winners!
Men: Big Ugly
Ladies: Miss Shotwell 
Youth: Boneyard Bandit

It was a beautiful day for Fast Draw, however it was tough to get through it with the sad news of To Slow Joe's passing. We didn't here about it until we got there and it was devastating. He was such a vital part of the Virginia Peacemakers and his place among us will never be filled. I will miss him greatly and I ask everyone to still pray for his Family and for all of us who are so heavy hearted. 
Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the late set up Saturday and for helping with the tear down Sunday, your dedication to this sport is what keeps us going. 
Thanks again to the Food Posse for some fine vitals.... we all enjoyed them. 
Come on out this Sunday to the Grandview Gunslingers in Bedford, it's always a great shoot!! 
Dont forget to get those Showdown in Dixie registrations in, it will be here before you know it. 
See ya soon!

May 5th, 2019


We had 35 Gunfighters show up for our Cinco de Mayo Gunfight. 
It was a little rainy but that didn't stop us from having a blast and enjoying another opportunity to gather with our Fast Draw Family and enjoy a fun day of competition.  Lots of shooters showed up dressed in their Mexican duds and Sombreros were everywhere! What a good time we had. 
Congratulations to our Division Winners:
Youth: Boneyard Bandit
Ladies: Calamity Pam
Men: Big Ugly

The Food Posse really out did itself with all the Mexican food, it was truly a FEAST!! There was so much food I couldnt try everything but believe me I tried. Thanks so much to everyone who made this such a fun event! 

Thanks again to everyone who helped with set up and tare down. 
Dont forget next match is 5/19 at Grandview Gunslingers, you need to be there! 
Our next Match will be June 2nd. 

We will be at Taylor's and Co. in Winchester, Va. This Friday and Saturday for their Customer Appreciation Days, we will be doing a Try Cowboy Fast Draw event, we do this every year and we put a lot of people on the line to try Fast Draw, we have drawn in some great members to the CFDA at this event. If you can come out and help out at all either day we would greatly appreciate it! 
See ya soon! 

You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace sweet friend.

June 5th 2019 Virginia Peacemakers
Howdy Gunfighters,

We had 37 Gunfighters come out on a beautiful day to have some fun and shoot some wax! Congratulations to our Division winners:

Men: Big Ugly

Ladies: Calamity Pam

Youth: Bad to the Bone

Thanks so much to everyone who came out, we are nothing without you, each and everyone of you are appreciated and vital to the Virginia Peacemakers. 

Thanks so much to the Food Posse who brought some good fixings for us to chomp on.

Be sure to go to Bedford this Sunday for the Grandview Gunslingers June Match! This is your last chance to warm up for "Showdown in Dixie" the CFDA Virginia State Championship! June 20-23

Remember you can register all the way up to the day of the event so if you haven't registered yet there is more time. If you can send them in early please do it really helps us plan the event. We also take PayPal if you want to pay that way.

Billie and I will be in Amarillo Texas this Fri, Sat and Sunday representing Va. In the U.S. National Championship! Wish us luck! We need all we can get. 

This is a busy Month for Fast Draw so pull up you Britches and let's get on with it!

See ya soon!


Joe, we will always love and miss you . You will never be forgotten . 

July ,2019

"Showdown in Dixie"the 2019 CFDA Virginia State Championship is in the books! 
Thanks so much to everyone who attended and competed in the State Championship! 
Congratulations to our new Overall State Champions!! 

Youth: Boneyard Bandit 
Ladies: Billie Sioux
Men: Green River 

I want to thank everyone who helped make this event happen, from set up to tear down, scorekeepers, announcers, vendors and sponsors. This is a group effort and without any of you it would not have happened. We had a few challenges along the way but we overcame them and came out to the good. We learned a few things and it will only make us better next time. 
We started the competition on Thursday with the "Shoot for the Stars Scholarship Fundraiser! 
Congratulations to our Division winners! 
Youth: Nine
Ladies: Calamity Pam
Men: Mongo

At last count we were over $2,000.00 raised for Shoot for the Stars! 
Friday we shot our Category State Championships, Congratulations to our new Category State Champions!

Billy the Kid: Bad to the Bone
Junior Boy: Jittery Joe
Ladies Traditional: Hot Lead Hooligan 
Ladies 49r: Maggie Jo
Men's Traditional: Big Ugly
Men's 49r: Hafta B Fast
Men's Senior: 2 Buck Chuck
Men's Super Senior: Mongo
Shootist: Green River
Men's Golden Gun: Kentucky Drifter
Men's Old Timer: Bob Ed Pain

Sunday was a Beautiful Day for the Magnificent 7 Men and Women and Top 5 Youth to settle the Championships! 
Before the Finals all of the Mag 7 Men and Women and top Youth were given an opportunity to warm up on Range B. 
We had a Special Presentation an hour before the Shoot out with Gun Doc showing off some gun spinning skills and even Kopperhead Kid joined in for a little fancy gun handling himself. After that Kopperhead Kid our World Record Holder for Fastest Time agreed to do a little speed running demonstration and asked for any takers to shoot with him, Billie Sioux and Gun Doc volunteered and took him up on the challenge and it was a lot of fun watching them speed run, some good times were had but Kopperhead Kid did not disappoint shooting a couple of .2s.  

Congratulations to our Best Dressed Award Winners as well.
Youth: Nine 
Ladies: Tin Can T
Men: Cheyenne Shooter 
Couple: Green River and Wildfire 

Special Congratulations to our Showdown in Dixie "Spirit of the Game"  winner: Shenandoah
Who very much deserved this award for his dedication and year long commitment to the match. 
I cannot express my gratitude properly to our Scorekeepers Tish Snider and Tammy Oakes, you two are amazing!!! 
I also want to thank Wench and Mongo for making the long trip to Va. to shoot with us. Thanks so much for all your help and Wench even taught Tish and Tammy a few new scoring tricks. Thanks so much to Billie Sioux and Sunshine for there hard work and organization in registration. Thanks to Blue Hawk for handing out Shooters bags and for all the pictures you took, you have given us valuable memories that we cant thank you enough for, and for just being so sweet and making sure everybody was taken care of. 

Thanks again everybody!! I know I missed some but know you are appreciated! 

Virginia Peacemakers

 August 4th, 2019

Howdy Gunfighters ,

We had 33 Gunfighters come out and shoot it out for top Gunfighters of the month. Congratulations to our Division winners.
Youth: Boneyard Bandit
Ladies: Calamity Pam
Men: Jeremiah Johnson 

Thanks to all who helped with set up and tear down, we really appreciate it! 
Thanks Food Posse for the fine vittles you brought for us to munch on. 
Be sure to come out this Sunday 8/11 to Grandview Gunslingers in Bedford for their August match. 
Please remember our September match will be September 15th
Wish every body luck that is going to Kentucky for Showdown in the Bluegrass! 
See ya soon!

February 3rd , 2019

Howdy Gunfighters ,

We had 47 shooters for our February "Super Bowl Gunfight" monthly match. 
Congratulations to our Division winners! 
Youth: Night Rider
Ladies: Lonestar Lil
Men: Big Ugly
Full Match Standings attached. 
We had a great time as always with our Fast Draw family. Thanks so much to the Food Posse who brought out some great vittles for us all. 
Congratulations to our Youth Winner - Night Rider, on his first 1st place win! 
Thanks again to our set up crew who had us up and running in one hour on Saturday, and thanks so much to everyone who stayed and helped us tare down. 
Cant wait till we can do it again in March! 
See ya next Sunday February 10th at Grandview Gunslingers!